Points “Left” in Christmas Stocking

Sunrise Manor uses the left/right game to award staff during the holidays…

I want to tell you what a great job everyone at Food Service Rewards is doing. It is so rare to get awesome customer service dealing with vendors you have to pay, let alone a service that gives you things without payment.

I use most of my points for the Christmas party.  We play the “left/right game”.  I write the total number of points on a gift tag, then place it inside of a Christmas stocking. At the end of the left/right story, the person holding the stocking wins the points. The winner this year looked through the online catalog and ordered a GPS. I simply changed the shipping address and it was delivered right to her home. We always have the Christmas party in early December to allow the winner to use the points for gifts.

Currently, our kitchen radio is on its last legs. We have enough points to get a new one and I will be ordering soon.  All the offers for points on surveys, rebates, etc…makes accumulating points a lot faster!

Beverly Horrighs
 Dietary Manager
 Sunrise Manor
 Virden IL


FSR Sponsor “Free & Easy” Party during NACUFS

Announcing plans to bring Foodservice Rewards Sponsors and College operators together in our first annual dinner event…

Delaney Vineyards has been selected for the Thursday, July 14th “Free & Easy Party” during the NACUFS national conference that will be an excellent networking dinner for our participating sponsors.  Delaney Vineyards is a 10 minute bus-ride from the Gaylord Texan Conference Hotel.  We have also partnered with Plate Magazine to further enhance the operator experience.  Participating sponsors include Basic American Foods, Bunge, Nestle Professional, Pierce Chicken, Reser’s Fine Foods, Rich’s and Splenda.

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Paul Brancky, Business Development Director

Paul Brancky brings a wealth of CRM and Category Management experience to the Foodservice Rewards team…

Paul Brancky, Midwest Sales, Foodservice RewardsWhat do you do for Foodservice Rewards?

I try to “unlock” the tremendous value of Foodservice Rewards for current and prospective Sponsors.

How long have you been at BI?

I joined BI in September, 2010. Prior to joining BI I was an actual Sponsor of Foodservice Rewards for several years while working at Kraft Foodservice.

What was your first job/worst job?

My first job was a paperboy delivering the Chicago Tribune and Homewood-Flossmoor Star to homes in my neighborhood. My worst job was working in a steel mill where I was seriously burned by molten zinc in an accident.

What is your earliest childhood memory?

Being chased around the yard by my mom after escaping from the house.

What did you want to be when you “grow up”?

I’ve always wanted to own a record store.

What’s the one thing about you that no one would ever guess?

I can hold a plank position for over 9 minutes!


Elevating your Game from Trade Spend to Trade Investment

This fascinating report is a speedy introduction to the major issues facing manufacturers in the Trade Promotion arena…

Join the Trade Investment era. This fascinating report from our colleague at Market Intelligence is required reading for everyone in foodservice from Brand Managers looking for perspective on distribution to Sales Managers hoping to move negotiations from “transactional” to “strategic” – improving the distributor/manufacturer relationship:

Elevating Your Game from Trade Spend to Trade Investment.

Jim can be reached at jimklass@marketiconsulting.com

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