Large Broadliners Improve, but Independent Operators decline

Signs of foodservice industry recovery, but reduced customer traffic went on too long for many independents…

According to ID Report, the nation’s 50 largest broadline distributors collectively broke the $100 billion mark in 2010, growing sales 5 percent over sales reported the previous year and performing well compared to foodservice as a whole in 2010 up only .7%.   The report goes on to state that none of the top 10 distributors were the largest gainers.

Related, NPD published their latest Spring Recount (April 2010 – March 2011) which showed that US units declined by 2% with 8,650 unit losses coming from independent restaurants.  The same report indicated that spending at restaurants grew by 2% in the year ending May 2011 though traffic counts were stable.


Edmonton Operator Displays Point Balance

A unique way of counting up the points…

To: Yoerks, Ashleigh; Brancky, Paul

Subject: FW: FS rewards

 Paul & Ashleigh,

Thought you may get a kick out of this…this picture was taken by one of our Kraft Reps when in an operator account in Edmonton posted in their Kitchen.

 Hope things are well,

 Erika Seggie | Kraft Foodservice | Sales Training & Distributor Marketing

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Foodservice Rewards is a Win Win.!!!!!”

“We have been using the program for several years and it just keeps getting better!”

The web site is user friendly and the customer support either web-based or on the phone is outstanding. 

We use the program to get gifts for our employees.   They love the selection of prizes we present at our yearly party.  We use the gifts for recognition throughout the year.  I noticed the addition of professional events and will be offsetting our tight travel budget using the Foodservice Rewards program. 

The Sponsors in the program offer high quality products and I have increased brand recognition because of the program.  And because of the wonderful promotions, I have become aware of new products.

This program is a win win.!!!!!

Mary Ellen Tuma

Director of Foodservice

Anne Arundel Medical Center

Annapolis,   MD


How Operators enter Reward Codes

97.4% of reward codes are entered on-line at

In case you’re wondering, operators enter reward codes in the following manner: 

Key in on line = 83.3% of codes

Scan in on line = 14.1% of codes

Mail in = 2.6% of codes

 …taken from all entries January 1, 2011 – May 31, 2011


Make a List and Check it Twice!

Inefficient “Status Quo” of Coupons & Rebates is compared with Foodservice Rewards…

I’ve heard that it costs about $30 to verify a coupon/rebate, then process a check through the typical manufacturer accounting system.   Wow!  This prompted further thought about coupons and rebates as “status quo” tools manufacturers use to influence operators to purchase their products.   So we made a comparison list (and checked it twice)!  Foodservice Rewards is the most efficient and effective way for foodservice manufacturers to influence operator purchases at the “street”.    A little less “status quo” could help fund a lot more results! 



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Beloit College Collection Bin

I even have a special clear collection box so people can see how we’re doing…

“We’ve been members of Foodservice Rewards since 2003 and find it’s a great way to discover new products for our operation. Everyone is involved in collecting reward codes: I even have a special clear collection box so people can see how we’re doing.

Over the years we’ve redeemed points for a flat screen TV and several boom boxes for the kitchen and a stir-fry station which improves our working environment and helps with our already tight budgets.

Thanks Foodservice Rewards!”

Peter J. Kraemer
Director of Food Services
Beloit College


Rich’s 4 Consecutive Ads Tout Foodservice Rewards

Rich’s touts Foodservice Rewards participation in small ad space…

Working with a limited space, Rich’s 4 consecutive Panini ads highlighted their participation in Foodservice Rewards without interupting their key benefits and brand messaging. See Below:

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Sponsor Best Practices Foodservice Rewards

There is no Silver Bullet in marketing, no quick fixes or one-time wonders. It’s about working hard every day. It’s about having a plan and working it, long after you’re tired of the plan. Foodservice Rewards provides a number of tools to help you roll up your sleeves, work your plan, get sweaty, and measure your efforts as you connect with operators. It’s an ongoing process of testing — measuring — changing…testing — measuring — changing…testing— measuring — changing. Well, you get the point.

 Sponsors often ask, “How do we ensure great results?” Now, thanks to John Neupauer, the Foodservice Rewards best practices are outlined and provide many answers to this question. For our purposes, best practices are defined as program activities that have demonstrated strong, positive results over time and across multiple sponsors.


Each best practice in this document includes three components:

What is is?

Why is it important?

How do we implement it?

Read on and you too will discover the Foodservice Rewards best practices


French’s 1 Million Points Sweepstakes!!

Sweepstakes supporting Franks Red Hot Sweet Chili Sauce really gets attention!

In a promotion supported by mulitple advertising insertions, press releases, and a free case offer, French’s offered a sweepstakes awarding a total of one million points to support their Frank’s Red Hot Sweet Chili Sauce. Talk about getting some excitement!







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Goal Stretch – Best Practice

Nestle’ enewsletter demonstrates multiple applications for same product…Important when running a Goal Stretch promotion…

The Goal Stretch promotion is one of the most effective means of increasing your case growth.  This type of promotion encourages existing operators to purchase MORE of an existing product.  For that reason, when sponsors run a Goal Stretch promotion, we recommend that the Sponsor communicates how operators can use more of their product, such as:

1. Add a new product to their menu,

2. Run a special of the week/month using participating products,

3. Use the same product for multiple applications.

Check out the Nestle enewsletter with “21 new ways to use bases” as a great example of #3.  It’s also a great education on their product’s versatility.

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