iPhone App Available to Enter Reward Codes

Foodservice Rewards iPhone app available to ease code entry

Foodservice Rewards now has an application that allows members to enter reward codes with their iPhone. Available at the app store. (Android version is in the works.)



“Moneyball” and Foodservice

Leveraging customer data is a potential “game changer” for foodservice marketing.

Check out the movie “Moneyball” or better yet pick up a copy of the book.

When you see the movie or read the book consider the following:

  • Baseball in analogous to the Foodservice industry
  • Players are the Customers
  • Scouts are the Sales guys
  • Player selection is like customer selection.

The current system used to choose players or customers is inefficient. Buying “wins” with player selection is like buying “volume” with customer selection. The key to winning is to acquire players or customers more efficiently than the competition (and with limited resources).

This scene from the movie makes the point: “Moneyball” Trailer

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Reser’s Launches New Foodservice Website

Foodservice Rewards proudly displayed on Reser’s new foodservice site…

Reser’s has recently updated their foodservice website to enhance the operator experience.  We love the new site and the prominent display of their Foodservice Rewards participation on the homepage and in the Tool section.  The new site can be found at www.resersfoodservice.com.

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2011 Foodservice Rewards Operator Metrics

After 10 years, Foodservice Rewards continues to deliver…

2011 remained a difficult year for the foodservice industry.  However, Foodservice Rewards continued to show increased operator enrollment numbers.  Transitioning these operators to true “Foodservice Rewards” mavens with ongoing engagement  has become more of a challenge (2012 gamification promotions will assist).  One thing remains clear from our FSR_KPI_Reporting_Q4_2011, when an operator engages, they continue to increase purchases among the participating products and sponsors of Foodservice Rewards.

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“Like Us” at Tradeshows

Using trade show handouts to drive Facebook engagement…

Below are some cards that Emily is working on that will be used at trade shows to help drive traffic to Facebook. This should help with engagement, new enrollments and overall program awareness. They are simple business card size handouts.

We can use them at all of our upcoming shows (Pizza Expo, Catersource, Regional NACUFS and all national shows this summer).

Nice work Emily!

Marketing Manager | Coalition Marketing Group


10th Anniversary Promotion

We have launched a promotion that will entail a monthly drawing where program participants can win 10,000 points in honor of our anniversary…

As you are all aware, Foodservice Rewards is celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year!

We have launched a promotion that will entail a monthly drawing where program participants can win 10,000 points in honor of our anniversary. For every month that an operator enters a product code into their account they will get entered into that month’s drawing.

We are communicating the promotion (and winners) via our website homepage via the Story Tool, social networking sites and via our ExtraPoints Newsletter. We will also be promoting this on program collateral, eblasts and at trade shows. Please feel free to let sponsors know about it and to promote it as well.

The intent of this initiative is to promote that FSR is turning 10, and to help increase the number of codes being entered as well as the frequency that codes are entered.

Marketing Manager | Coalition Marketing Group


DSR and “Street” Operator loyalty

DSR’s will often will be paid out on a spiff and not even know where it came from…Gain loyalty directly with the operator to protect branded business

The Distributor Sales Representative (DSR) is one of the most trusted resources to the independent “street” operator.   Generally, the DSR is awarded a higher financial incentive for selling their own brands versus a manufacturer brand.  For years, manufacturers have tried to garner loyalty from the DSR by offering “spiffs” for increased case sales.  According to the Association of Foodservice Distributor Representatives DSR Insights, here’s the harsh reality:

Most DSRs have a “default” recommendation in their brain for your product category (likely the house brand). You might distract them with the occasional spiff… but they often have 12-15 spiffs available to them at anytime.  In fact, they often will be paid out on a spiff and not even know where it came from.

AFDR argues that DSR’s can be loyal, however building loyalty should be tied to training (knowledge) about your products, then supplemented with ongoing, consistent communications about your brand. 

Like the previous new products post, AFDR offers great suggestions, but also re-enforces how difficult it is to influence the DSR.   The DSR and distributor are critical to ensuring delivery, however reliance on them to “sell”  manufacturer brands remains fraught with challenges.

So how does a manufacturer reach the “street” operators if you cannot rely on the DSR?  Hopefully, the manufacturer’s sales agents or direct sales force can reach the largest volume “street” operators on a regular basis.  Foodservice Rewards can reach these same Tier 1 customers (regularly and consistently) plus the Tier 2 and Tier 3 operators that can drive manufacturer sales in aggregate.  Foodservice Rewards provides a turn-key ongoing customized communication stream to each of the over 100,000 “street” OPERATOR participants to garner LOYALTY for the brands that feature our yellow reward stickers.  Program sponsors that develop operator loyalty to their brands, then protect their business from distributor/house brand conversion.


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