MVO – Most Valuable Operator

Pareto Principle holds true with Foodservice Rewards…

“The Pareto Principle – For many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.” (Source: Wikipedia)
In Foodservice Rewards, 20% of the operators purchase 80% of our sponsor’s cases.  These high volume MOST VALUABLE OPERATORS (MVO’s) should be protected and appreciated by the manufacturers whose cases they buy.   The Foodservice Rewards team recommends:
  1. Thank them for their business
  2. Provide them with special privileges
  3. Track their purchases (red flags/green flags)
  4. Share the information with your sales teams
Pierce reviewed their experience with tracking MVO’s at the September sponsor meeting.  Here’s a few additional communication examples from Sara Lee and Nestle’ Professional Canada.
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Qwirky Poem delivers FSR Benefits to Prospects

Foodservice Rewards Poem????

The attached poem with magnetized back was delivered with a roll of Foodservice Rewards labels to sponsor prospects last Fall to draw attention to the program and remind branded manufacturers of the numerous benefits that sponsorship can bring.


NACUFS Networking for Advance and Krusteaz

College and University Operators to engage with AdvancePierre, Krusteaz, and Foodservice Rewards at the regional conferences…

The National Association of College & University Food Services (NACUFS) is divided into six distinct regions.  Annually, each region hosts their own conference in the February-March timeframe.  The regional conferences are well attended and provide a great opportunity to get to know the decision-makers in this brand-friendly segment.  This year, Foodservice Rewards is partnering with AdvancePierre and Krusteaz to engage operators and promote college operator’s ability to redeem points for travel to the National Conference July 11th-14th in Boston.   The conference, “Revolutionary Thinking”, will also be the site of the Foodservice Rewards second annual Free & Easy Party.

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Pierce hosted Foodservice Rewards in their booth at Pizza Expo March 13-15th in Las Vegas.  Last year, the event had over 6,400 attendees.   The Pierce/Foodservice Rewards partnership drove traffic to the Pierce booth and new enrollments for Foodservice Rewards.  A pre-show eblast with details was delivered to both existing Foodservice Rewards members and to operators from the Pierce 2011 Pizza Expo lead list.  Below is the sign that promoted the excitement on the show floor and a picture of the Foodservice Rewards area of the Pierce booth.

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Integrated Marketing…Foodservice Rewards Feels the Love from Coffee-mate

Coffee-mate “Feel the Love” leverages Foodservice Rewards through-out the campaign…

Leave it to Nestle’ to be a shining example of how to integrate Foodservice Rewards into a larger marketing effort.  For the third year in a row, Nestle’ Coffee-mate has integrated Foodservice Rewards into their larger campaign to drive traffic and registrations to their Feel the Love program and gain trial and sales of Coffee-mate creamers.  The campaign was conceived by and managed by their agency, Ketchum, who has worked tirelessly to understand how best to leverage Foodservice Rewards for their client. 

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Foodservice Rewards Engages Operators at Catersource

Catering professionals can visit Foodservice Rewards live at Catersource and have the opportunity to win points, prizes, and Plate…

Foodservice Rewards has partnered with Catersource to engage and grow the catering segment’s membership.  The photo below shows how Catersource is promoting the use of Foodservice Rewards points to attend the conference (now in our catalog).

Catersource also includes Foodservice Rewards in their outbound communications and on their registration site.  

Foodservice Rewards is communicating our attendance and promotional activities at Catersource in multiple ways including our enewsletter, story tool on, our social site, and via the eblast below.

Sponsors have the opportunity to contribute product samples as prizes in our “Roll the Dice” game and every new Foodservice Rewards enrollee will also receive a year’s subscription to Plate Magazine, one of our respected media partners.

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2011 in Review

Once again our year in review statistics and KPI’s continue to demonstrate that Foodservice Rewards is a compelling program to reach and engage Operators. Below is a review of 2011 activity and trends within Foodservice Rewards for North America.

  • Sponsors and Products: There were 29 active Sponsors in the program. During the year Operators were able to redeem codes from 140 brands and 2,874 SKUs –representing a compelling portfolio of potential reward points to drive engagement.
  • Labels: BI shipped 96,691,594 labels to more than 150 manufacturing plants actively labeling in North America. That’s a 6% increase in cases labeled versus 2010.
  • Redemptions: During the year, a record 20,370,658 cases were redeemed by 84,302 operators (think reach). That’s an average of 242 cases redeemed per operator (think engagement).
  • New Enrollments – We also experienced a record number of 21,553 new enrollments in 2011, up 7% over 2010.   
  • Attached Operators: On average, Sponsors have over 35,000 unique operators “attached” to them through code redemption of products they’re labeling. In terms of unit reach this unique visibility creates an opportunity to manage and influence a “down the street” customer base as large as many chain accounts. For perspective, McDonald’s and Subway operate about 33,000* and 36,071* restaurants, respectively. (*Source: McDonald’s and Subway Corporate web sites on 1/30/12)
  • Redemption Rate: From a Sponsor perspective the average redemption rate was 20%. That means Sponsors (on average) have visibility to 20% of the operators buying participating products as well as the opportunity to track, retain and grow them.
  • Acquisition Analysis: The average Sponsor had an Acquisition Contribution (A/C) Score of 67%. This means that, on average, Sponsors paid for 67% of their total Foodservice Rewards investment with newly acquired customers*. (*New customer defined as an operator being a Foodservice Rewards member for at least 90 days and not redeeming a product code from that Sponsor during that period.)
  • Promotions: Sponsors ran 146 promotions in 2011. The average promotion resulted in 9,219 incremental cases being redeemed by 1,220 Operators with a calculated ROI of 274%.
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New Sponsor – Krusteaz Professional

Krusteaz Professional joins the Foodservice Rewards Coalition…

                     Continental Mills, now known as Krusteaz Professional,

 joins the Foodservice Rewards Coalition!

Krusteaz has launched their first promotion to create excitement around their sponsorship of the Foodservice Rewards program.  Along with the enewsletter and my promotions pages, they are utilizing the new Story Tool  (see below) to promote their launch.

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