How can I sample the program?

Start by learning which of your products our members buy - from whom, how often & how broadly across your portfolio: Subscribe to our free, no obligation customer insights dashboard. Then, try our monthly program without long term commitments. See pricing → 

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How do operators participate?

Operators submit invoices to Foodservice Rewards two ways:

  • For invoices stored in online distributor accounts, operators use the program's drag-n-drop uploader to add purchase history to their Foodservice Rewards account.

  • For partnering distributors, operators send distributors a Letter of Participation authorizing release of their invoice data. We connect to their systems to receive the files electronically.

For each qualifying product purchase, operators earn reward points and may win prizes instantly.

Who are the other program sponsors?

Here's a downloadable list of the 200+ brands who sponsor Foodservice Rewards. We do not offer category exclusivity.

How should We promote sponsorship?


The primary method to promote sponsorship is your product case:

  • Good: Print a 1-color (black) call-out on your case or label

  • Better: Print a 2-color (black and yellow) call-out on your case or label

  • Best: Apply a high-impact foodservice rewards sticker

Other strong options for promoting sponsorship include your website (see examples) and social media. We also provide a wide variety of promotional assets for trade shows, brokers, etc.

How can you help us at trade shows?

We routinely hold events at trade shows to drive traffic to your booth, provide games, instant win prizes and even organize cocktail parties on your behalf, inviting key operators.

what kinds of rewards are available?

With over a million rewards in our online marketplace, it's like shopping at Amazon + Expedia + StubHub for free. There's something to motivate everyone:

  • Brands from Apple to Zippo to reward employees

  • Foodservice brands like Cambro®, American Metalcraft®, Turbochef® and more to replace old equipment

  • Trade show fees to SNA, NACUFS, ACF, Catersource and the MenuDirections conference to promote education