"X-ray vision" to your operators' purchases

Finally, discover:

  • What products operators are buying
  • How often and in what volumes

  • From which distributors

  • How broadly across your portfolio

As a result, you'll be able to run your business based on insights, not guesswork. 

You'll also be in a better position to help your distributor partners by identifying white space and generating demand with direct-to-operator promotions.

You can even export a file of operators buying your products to help brokers focus on most valuable and highest potential customers.

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Operator level insights

...because of the amount of data that’s available for us and for our review, we can tell that we can indeed influence their behavior...
— Peggy Beaudoin, General Mills

Market level insights

...we can also figure out which segments aren’t buying our products and stop spending money against those segments...
— John Devos, Schwan's

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