Level I: Loyalty License

  • Customer Insights Reporting License: $1,000 per month

  • Minimum Reward Value $0.25/case tracked per month (10 points)

    • Access to customer level transactional data for point-issuing products

    • Downloadable customer database for your CRM

    • Point-issuing products and brands displayed on program website and marketing materials

    • Includes one reporting site login. Additional logins may be purchased for $450 per user per year

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Level ii: Promotional License

  • Competitive Insights Reporting License: $1,000 per month

  • Promotional Point Credits: $2.00 per customer location per month

    • Access to competitive level Aggregate Data

    • Coalition Manager to assist with promotions, reporting and ROI analysis

Target Promotions by buying behavior. For example:

  • Buying my coffee but not my tea? Offer double points on my tea

  • Was buying my muffins but stopped? Trigger a reminder and win-back offer

  • Buying my jam for the first time? Mail a postcard with a sweepstakes offer

  • Member says "yes" to a sample offer? Email lead to my Territory Manager

No risk: Unlike rebates, you can cap your promotional offer budget

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Level ii: Excluded competitors License

  • Exclude named competitors in your categories: $0.25 per case per month

    • Denies competitors the opportunity to award points for purchase

Supplemental Support

Of course, there may be additional costs such as promotion set-up, telemarketing, email delivery, creative or print (when support is not provided by your agency.) Naturally, we're happy to provide those services, turnkey. Here's our US rate card.


a FREE operator Loyalty program

For qualifying distributors:

The program and points are funded by participating manufacturers

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LEVEL 1: Sales Rep incentives

  • Sponsorship: $24,000 annually + points

  • Offer over 1,000,000 merchandise and travel rewards to your sales reps

  • Full-service agency support at no extra charge

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