We charge a monthly fee based on the number of product categories you choose to include. 

For budgeting purposes, assume $0.15 per case you include in the loyalty program.*

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Points cost $0.025 when deposited into operators' accounts. You choose exactly how many points to issue, for what qualifying activities, and for what period of time.

Our secret sauce: Targeting promotions based on buyer behavior. See examples →

You can deliver offers to our entire operator audience for maximum reach. Or, you can choose to precisely target a subset of members using our email delivery service, the semi-monthly newsletter, direct mail or our in-house telemarketing team.

*Of course, there may be additional costs such as promotion set-up, telemarketing, email delivery, creative or print (when support is not provided by your agency.) Naturally, we're happy to provide those services, turnkey: US rate card | Canadian rate card


Foodservice Rewards® is free for qualifying distributors. 

The program and points are funded by participating manufacturers. 

Give your customers world-class loyalty program